2018-19 Logo

our mission

The Phoenix is Townsend Harris High School’s award winning, student-run literary magazine that seeks to inspire and promote creativity within the student body. Each year we publish numerous ‘zines and chapbooks, host multiple events and trips, and – of course – publish our annual “final” collection of student-produced artwork. We meet every Thursday in Room 404 after school, where we divide into the following sections based on preference: writing, art, photography, design, and critiquing.

Editorial Team

our team

Advisor: Rafal Olechowski, Assistant Principal of the Humanities (also goes by MRO, Octopus)

Ekphrastics Advisor & Ugly Duckling Presse: Prof. Lee Norton (wears many hats, is also the THHS Writing Fellow)

Editor-in-Chief: Shivani Persaud (mom <3)

Layout Editors: Supriya Singh (the angry maid); Brittnee Chen (photoshop master)

Art Editors: Laura Kramer (who knew STEM and the arts could go so well together?), Francesca Manabat (animation queen)

Writing Editors: Maximilian Kurant (Andrew Cuomo); Roshini Liliah (quiet but a sweetheart)

Photography Editor: Anastasia Codbejas (riding solo)

Business Manager: Roshan Patel (it’s all about the money, money, money…)

Critiquing: Jaimie Chin (hit the lights), Yamila Frej (is probably on a beach right now)

Media: Lori Eng, Melanie Harster, Andrea Jainaraine

Public Relations: Sarah Deonarain (resident hustler)