Sabrina Lee

2019 Contest Winners

We recently announced winners for the 2018-19 Art Contest! Congratulations to:

1st Place - Joanna Li

2nd Place - Jevaria Bashir

3rd Place - Sabrina Lee

Honorable Mentions - Megan Chang, Irene Zhang

We are soon releasing the winners of our 2018-19 Writing Contest as well, so stay tuned!

A huge thank you to everyone who entered submissions for both of these contests!

UDP Chapbook Sample

Alphabet Soup: UDP x FNX

Our annual collaboration with the Ugly Duckling Presse, courtesy of Prof. Lee Norton, is currently in the works! This year, our theme involves STRIKETHROUGH because we want to express that behind every seemingly effortless masterpiece is a hyperactive artist, writer, photographer, or designer, crossing things out and tweaking their work endlessly. Creativity is always changing and evolving, getting better (or maybe worse) as it goes along…the important thing is to never stop being creative. The creativity of our layout editors will be coming at you soon. If you hate it, feel free to make some strikethroughs of your own (we won’t mind).


Ekphrastics in Practice

As our spring semester kicks off, our Ekphrastics Advisor, Prof. Norton, plans to lead Phoenix members on weekly visits to the Godwin-Ternbach museum (on the CUNY Queens College campus), where they can participate in activities like 3D printing and making their own inked canvas bags! More to come as the year goes on!

Pictured here on the right is our group experiencing 3D printing at the museum!

Join us on Thursdays in Room 404 to get in on the action!