Home away from home: the office (no, we don’t have michael scott but that would be pretty cool)

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and it came to be that we celebrate Columbus Day. On Columbus Day this year, we opted for bright orange instead of ocean blue– it kind of just fits our vibe. So, a terrible combination of painters (Roshan, Shivani, Supriya) set out to turn the office from dull and drab to blindingly bright. (Do come by and see for yourself....when the office isn't on perpetual lockdown...!!!) The office has evolved much throughout the year, constantly reflecting our mental state, whether it be chaotic and distressed, or tidy and spotless (when Supriya feels like pulling out the Lysol). All jokes aside, this office is our home (you'll find random hoodies and umbrellas when you really need them) and a hub of creativity! Without it, we'd be lost! And with it, you are likely to get lost in the mass of random papers, clothing, gift bags (?), and paint buckets.